Are you verifiying your job applicants background? Get in touch with us to secure your recruitment process


Verify the background of your future employees. Nothing is more detrimental to trust than starting an employment on false information.

Control reach

We perfom background controls from several countries in Europe and the rest fo the world.

Don´t be fooled

Falsifying academic degrees are one of the most common errors we find in our controls. It is also one of the most easiest control to perform.

Flexible controls

We always recommend that you only perform relevant controls in relation to the job position. That is why we tailor our background controls to your needs.

Law and regulation

We take data security very seriously. We make sure we comply with all the laws and regulations in each country and respect the individuals right to refuse a background control.

Future stars

We make sure you hire the future stars for your organization based on correct information.

has encountered lies
different industries served
discrepancy in CVs we check
CV´s checked

Information we find false

An employment  is all about trust. If you don´t have a background process in place a person will most likely get through your recruitment process with false information.

These are the most common fabiractions we find in the CV´s we control. If anything you should always try to verify these merits from the person you are about to hire.

Most common discrepancies

Previous employment history
Academic degree
Payment defaults
Courts of law

Hire the person you you are hiring